Crown Paints has helped SDF members Dumbreck Decorators to renovate a 19th century church in Lanarkshire – a project which was recently awarded ‘Painting Project of the Year’ by the Federation.

St Mary’s Church in Coatbridge required extensive redecoration and during the tendering process a number of manufacturers’ colour and coating specifications were sought for the project.

Dumbreck’s Brendan Keenan explained, “The ornate ceilings within the church did not require re-painting but this meant that the colours selected for the walls needed to tie in perfectly with the existing coatings. It was also critical that the coatings we used offered excellent durability. We wanted to work with a manufacturer who could offer specialist advice in developing an effective decorative scheme that would fulfil all the church’s requirements.”

Crown Paints’ Colour Service developed six detailed colour schemes, each designed to complement and accentuate the ceiling’s design and architecture. The company’s expert specification team also completed a thorough analysis of the building’s surfaces, including an examination of the existing coatings and the quality of the underlying substrates. They identified Crown Trade Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt as the best possible coating for the task, providing exceptional durability, dirt resistance and a true scrub-clean flat matt finish available in over 1200 shades.

The painting contractor and parish priest recognised that the combination of Crown Paints’ support and high performing Crown Trade coatings would ensure an exceptional finished result and make it easy and cost-effective to maintain a pristine, high quality interior. One of Crown’s colour schemes was adopted and Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt was duly used by Dumbreck to decorate the walls and altar area.

Brendan concluded: “Throughout the project, Crown Paints provided an excellent level of support and assistance. This proved key in achieving the high standard of finish and in turn, helped position the project as a winning entry in the SDF Awards.

“Following the success of St Mary’s Church, Dumbreck Decorators has already begun work on another redecoration project with Crown Paints, and we hope to continue this successful partnership long into the future.”