At a time when fire safety should be at the top of every specifier’s agenda, due to recent changes in fire legislation, Crown Trade has reinforced its position at the forefront of the flame retardant coatings market by launching three innovative new products to the Timonox range.

Timonox Scrubbable Matt

The first is a coating that builds upon Crown Trade’s runaway success with Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt emulsion, a high performance product specifically formulated to extend redecoration schedules in heavy traffic areas. A similar flat matt emulsion has now been introduced into the Timonox range which offers specifiers the best of all worlds – aesthetic appeal, colour choice, exceptional durability and the peace of mind that only flame retardant coatings can offer in areas covered by fire safety legislation where extra time is needed for evacuation in the event of fire breaking out.

Crown Trade Timonox Scrubbable Matt is a VOC 2010-compliant water-based emulsion boasting the same chalky flat matt appearance, outstanding durability and true scrub-clean finish for which Clean Extreme Scrubbable Matt has built an enviable reputation. The difference is that Crown’s latest new product is also flame retardant which means it can help to deliver a Class 0 fire performance rating in high traffic areas, such as schools, hospitals and social housing, as well as hotels, private residential and leisure facilities.

Suitable for use on both new and previously painted substrates, Crown Trade Timonox Scrubbable Matt is available in Brilliant White and a wide range of tinted colours shown in the new Crown Trade Colour Collection, so specifiers and their clients need not sacrifice colour choice in order to benefit from the fire safety benefits offered.

The new coating is intrinsically dirt resistant. Many marks can be easily wiped away with water alone and scrubbing with a cloth soon gets rid of tougher soiling. For more deep-seated stains, scrubbing with a mild detergent will eliminate all traces without marking the paint finish.

Timonox Scrubbable Matt retains its ‘just painted’ appearance, even after repeated scrubbing, because the amount of paint film sacrificed each time soiling is removed is minimal. Achieving Class 1 in ISO 11998:2006 scrub rating tests, the painted surface can be scrubbed clean time and time again without any sign of burnishing or loss of flame retardant characteristics.

Timonox Bonding Primer

This spring saw the launch of Timonox Bonding Primer, a new VOC 2010 compliant water-based adhesion-promoting primer that effectively prepares new and old surfaces such as plaster, cement, concrete and old paintwork for decorative Timonox coatings (including new Scrubbable Matt) to be applied. It provides a high level of obliteration and will permanently hold back awkward residual stains such as smoke, old watermarks and many types of graffiti, preventing bleed into the new finish coat.

Applied by brush, roller or spray and delivering a spreading rate of up to 12m² the new primer is easily applied. It has such a high level of adhesion that it can even be used to prepare surfaces which have previously been protected with Timonox Anti-Graffiti Flame Retardant Glaze for further redecoration.

Timonox Graffiti Remover

The third new product is Timonox Graffiti Remover, a fast acting, environmentally-friendly spray solution that will effectively remove unsightly graffiti from walls and ceilings wherever Timonox Anti-Graffiti Flame Retardant Glaze has been used as a protective top coat. Crown Trade’s high performance glaze with its non-sacrificial eggshell finish is used extensively in communal areas of multi-occupancy premises, applied over Timonox Vinyl Matt to maintain the fire retardancy of the paint system.

When vandals strike and leave their ‘artwork’ and ‘tags’ on glazed surfaces the graffiti can be quickly and easily removed by applying the Graffiti Remover to the defaced area, leaving for one or two minutes and wiping clean with a damp cloth. The spray provides a non-toxic, non-hazardous way to remove graffiti created with aerosols, paints, crayons and marker pens. It can be used time and time again even in areas where there are recurring defacement problems, without compromising the fire protection of the underlying flame retardant coating system. Timonox Graffiti Remover may also be used on a number of other graffiti defaced surfaces such as glass, brick, plastics but a test area is recommended first.