Making its debut on merchant shelves this spring is Crown Trade’s new Universal Metal Primer. This handy solvent-borne primer can be used indoors and out, over virtually all ferrous and non ferrous metals, alloys and suitably prepared galvanised steelwork, making it a great ‘all rounder’ and an essential item for all decorators to have in their van.

Brand Manager Debbie Orr says: “There’s no need to buy a range of different specialist primers to cater for all the metal surfaces you might come across as you go from one job to the next. Whether you need to prime a large expanse of aluminium cladding or refurbish iron railings and trims, our new Universal Metal Primer will protect the substrate and provide a perfect foundation for your top coat. And because it has excellent adhesion properties, you can be sure of longlasting results.

“One of the key reasons why metal primers are used is to prevent substrates from rusting. For corrosion to take place you need to have metal, water and oxygen present, but this new alkyd based primer effectively prevents water reaching the substrate and therefore inhibits corrosion.”
Crown Trade’s new primer is available in 1 litre and 5 litre sizes and is packaged in Crown Trade’s new ‘black and gold’ livery which denotes to the customer that the product is ‘2010 compliant’, meeting all the requirements of forthcoming legislation to reduce VOCs in decorative coatings. It is offered in a pale grey shade which makes it suitable for use under any shade of top coat, even where a light coloured finish is required. It can be applied by brush or spray and will give up to 12m² coverage on smooth surfaces. Touch dry in just 2-3 hours, Universal Metal Primer is ready for recoating after 6 hours in good drying conditions.