Corby Borough Council has specified coatings from the Crown Paints portfolio for use in the cyclical maintenance programme for its 5,100 homes. As part of the new redecoration scheme, which aims to raise the standard of resident living accommodation, the Council’s in-house team will use a variety of Crown Trade and Sandtex Trade products, including the Timonox range of flame retardant coatings.

To help Corby Borough Council establish a comprehensive and cost-effective maintenance programme, Crown Paints’ expert specification service assessed the individual requirements of each housing scheme, both internally and externally. For instance, communal areas in the Council’s Gainsborough Road development were marked by graffiti, which meant that it was necessary to specify a product that delivers maximum coverage. Selected for its ability to conceal even the most pervasive stains by penetrating deep into the substrate, Crown Trade Grip Extreme Primer successfully covered existing marks, providing an ideal base for top-coat painting.

As part of ongoing housing improvement works, the Council also tasked Crown Paints to achieve the highest level of flame retardancy – class 0 (as defined in section B2 of approved document B of the UK Building Regulations) – within the circulation areas and escape routes of its communal buildings. To do this, the specification team carried out microscopic tests on each substrate and selected the most suitable coatings from the Crown Trade Timonox range, which would deliver the required level of fire protection.

“Providing our residents with a safe, secure and high standard of living accommodation is of the utmost importance to Corby Borough Council, and as part of that aim, delivering an effective cyclical maintenance programme is key,” said Phil Doherty, senior team leader at Corby Borough Council.

“Through Crown Paints’ support and expertise, we have been able to create a robust programme, which will be significant in improving our homes and ensuring resident satisfaction.”

As well as developing a comprehensive internal redecoration programme, Crown Paints also created a detailed specification for external areas using paints from its Sandtex Trade range of high performance coatings. Sandtex Trade Flexigloss X-tra is one product Corby Borough Council will now use to protect exterior woodwork from the elements and maintain a high quality, durable finish.