Crown Trade has launched Grip Extreme, a new fast-drying, multi-purpose primer, which has been specially developed to offer superior adhesion to difficult substrates.

Crown Trade Grip Extreme is formulated using waterborne acrylic technology, meaning it can be used on a range of interior and exterior surfaces, including impermeable ceramic tiling, friable chalk and pre-treated, non-ferrous metallic substrates. The high performance primer impregnates the surface to create a stable and resilient base for painting, which in turn, provides improved top coat durability and substrate protection.

Debbie Orr, brand manager at Crown Trade, explained: “As Grip Extreme stabilises even the most challenging surfaces prior to painting, it is an ideal product for renovation projects or exterior surfaces that are regularly exposed to the elements. Its innovative acrylic formulation adheres to the substrate to create a strong, durable base for the top coat, and ultimately, a better finish colour and a surface that is more resistant to cracking or flaking.

“At the same time, Grip Extreme makes top coat application more straightforward, as it can be used on previously painted substrates, regardless of the number of layers. The product’s short drying time also has significant benefits for larger scale projects, as the surface can be recoated in about an hour.”

Crown Trade Grip Extreme has a minimal volatile organic compound (VOC) content, complying with the European paint directive. Its low odour formulation makes the product suitable for use in populated environments, such as academic institutions and residential properties.

Crown Trade Grip Extreme is available in white in 1l, 2.5l and 5l cans.