Installing Madico protective film for windows is a smart way to lower energy costs and reduce CO 2 emissions. Our products are designed to help facility owners cost-effectively conserve energy, increase building safety, enhance occupant comfort, and reduce monthly heating and cooling costs.

Scratch-resistant and long-lasting window films

Madico offers a wide range of films, tested and proven in thousands of installations around the world. All Madico Window Films are scratch-resistant, long-lasting and backed by a strong manufacturer’s warranty. Our worldwide network of dealers and applicators will help you determine which film is best for your building.

Architectural window films

Madico’s reflective film can keep out as much as 80% of the sun’s heat, dramatically lowering air conditioning costs. In the winter, the same film helps retain interior heat, reducing heating costs. Madico films also help regulate the temperature disparity between the sunny and the shady areas of a building by eliminating “hot spots.” Offices stay cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter. All of these factors ensure users are more comfortable.

Advanced ceramic window film

Madico advanced ceramic film is the world’s first “high definition” window film for your commercial property. This incredible innovation combines all the benefits of traditional window films with the latest and most impressive advancements in the industry. Advanced Ceramic Window Films allow a greater amount of visible light to penetrate your office windows, while effectively blocking harmful UV rays, heat and glare. The effect is a crystal clear view of the outside world.

St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids Uses the SB 221 EXSR film
SB 221 EXSR film on St. Mary’s Hospital in Grand Rapids, MI.
Lumisty film on office building windows.

The View Control Film line offers some of Madico’s most versatile products, with many distinct benefits wherever it’s applied: a unique, fashionable look, UV protection, even protection from shattering glass. But the most impressive benefit of Decolite® and Lumisty® is that they give you the ability to dictate what can and cannot be seen.

Madico SafetyShield® window films

Explosions, theft and vandalism can cause massive damage to homes and commercial buildings and, in many cases, can prove lethal. The addition of Madico safety films and safety anchoring restraint systems dramatically improve security for buildings of all kinds. Where most manufacturers test for minimum code requirements, Madico’s films meet or exceed the requirements of many US and international standards for safety and security.

Madico has been developing innovative materials for nearly a century. Our commitment to research and development has enabled the company to pioneer a number of industry-first products and processes.