International provider of bespoke entrances, Bauporte Design Entrances has designed, manufactured and installed three fully automatic circular prestige CP2500AXN revolving doors for the German Stock Exchange Group’s commercial development, the Cube.

Each four-wing revolving door-set has a diameter of 2,500mm and a turning height of 3,000mm with extended curved walls and fascia to bring the total height to 6,500mm.

Although the revolving doors are installed within the facade, the design required the doors to be entirely self-supporting and free-standing to allow the facade to deflect as required. Engineering calculations were developed by Bauporte to ensure the stability of the design and the only contact between the doors and the facade is through flexible weather-seals. For extra security, the openings of the revolving doors can be closed off in the evening with night shutters that slide back into the curved walls during the day.

The Cube, Eschborn, Germany was designed by KSP Engel & Zimmermann of Frankfurt. It is a 53,000m² building, which began in 2008 and was completed in 2010. It is 20 storeys high and houses more than 2,000 workers.

Resource conservation and environmentally friendly design are important factors in the building and heat recovery and solar power technologies are a prominent feature.

Bauporte Design Entrances delivered this special project in conjunction with Josef Gartner, Gundelfingen and demonstrated again their commitment to delivering truly bespoke, high quality entrance solutions.