VitrA porcelain tiles – the defining surface.

City life is fast-paced, exciting, demanding and – at its best – breathtakingly beautiful. Designed with that in mind, VitrA’s Urban Life tiles are not just stunning to look at, but make a highly functional statement in the terrain of contemporary urban living.

Combining eye-catching elegance with hardwearing, slip resistant and easy-to-clean performance, VitrA’s Urban Life series provide the finest surfaces for the most demanding, high traffic and high end environments such as airports, cafés, automobile showrooms, shopping malls, museums and galleries.

Better yet, aesthetics never need to be compromised for durability as Urban Life tiles are offered in a wide range of sizes from 30x30cm to 60x120cm, and a superb choice of colours and textures – including matte, glossy, relief and anti-slip.

VitrA Tiles don’t just cover a space…

They define it.