It is the combination of flashy flower patterns and courageous colours that forms the innovative tile series “Shiba” of VitrA. The decent repetition of flower patterns on the high-gloss finished wall tiles creates an attractive wallpaper effect for a modern and classy ambiance.

With Shiba, VitrA has resurrected the classic flower motif: the successful combination of charming flower patterns and glorious play of colours in high-contrast care for a modern bathroom ambiance.

Relaxing colours like white or cream band together with powerful red, black or mink and thus skillfully stage the flower patterns on tiles and borders.

The exclusive characteristic of the collection is that the flowers gently reflect on the white and cream coloured plain tiles and provide an attractive wallpaper effect which looks like patent leather.

Besides the exclusive non-vitreous tiles (30cm x 42cm) and borders (8cm x 42cm and 3cm x 30cm), VitrA also offer glass borders (8cm x 42cm). Thereby, the decent contours of the flower patterns care for a further visual highlight of the collection. All the “Shiba” elements can be arranged according to one’s own tastes.