Modern and romantic, geometric and floral, powerful colours and pastel, the tile series “Elixir” of VitrA has many faces. The choice between classic glass borders, borders with big flowers, graceful flower stalks or geometric forms determines the style and creates a modern bathroom ambiance.

The innovative VitrA collection Elixir gains its strength from the combination of plain tiles for walls (red, mocha, anthracite, blue, white and cream) with various border options. The trendy size of the tiles (30cm x 60cm) creates individual scopes for design to expose numerous alternatives.

The glass-borders (15cm x 60cm) with flashy flower motifs in red, black and white provide a far-eastern ambiance.

On the other side, the borders (15cm x 60cm) with floral patterns in soft colour combinations like blue/grey or mocha/cream generate a romantic atmosphere.

Thin borders (5cm x 60cm and 5cm x 30cm) with geometric forms in gentle cream and brown tones are other components of the Elixir series. They create a more realistic ambiance.

Modern, romantic or classic, the Elixir collection also has the matching floor tile for every style option. The high-quality glazed porcelain floor tiles in grey, anthracite or mocha complete the new bathroom ambiance.

The wall tiles can be found in the new size 15cm x 60cm, as well as in size 30cm x 60cm (only white and cream), and the floor tiles are 45cm x 45cm.