VitrA has developed a high-quality tile range especially for architects and designers. The Arkitekt range also provides individual design impulses through various sizes and a diversity of colours and brilliance.


Colour is an important element of visual perception. In order to support architects and designers with their design work, VitrA has created the Arkitekt colour collection based on the internationally acclaimed RAL colour system. This way, substantial advantages about colour planning and combination possibilities are offered to the architects.

This system not only provides recognition, colour coordination and communication of colour differences, it also enables classification and a combination of colours.


VitrA’s high-quality tiles can be used for variable application areas and tastes. The supply covers a total of 4,000 different products between the sizes 1cm x 1cm and 60cm x 120cm. The VitrA Arkitekt porcelain tiles are available with matt or polished surfaces.

They are extra resistant and possess extra good care and maintenance characteristics due to their surface structure. Tiling is easy, either on hydraulic cement-based adhesive material or on epoxy adhesive material.


There is a risk of bacteria in public places such as shopping malls, entertainment centres, restaurants, hotels and pools. VitrA antibacterial surface technology makes a valuable contribution to the field of health and hygiene.

VitrA antibacterial’s silver added formula gives 99.9% protection against bacteria on the surface of the tiles without any detrimental effects on human health. Consequently, the spreading of the bacteria is minimised.


Swimming pools, utility rooms, toilets, locker rooms and catering areas (restaurants, cafeterias and kitchens) are hazardous due to slippery tiles. VitrA has developed tiles with an anti-slip function which is attributed by the particles of corundum embedded into the glaze.


VitrA has developed the “VitrA protect” process especially for polished porcelain stoneware tiles, which is an additional process carried out at the manufacturing stage therefore eliminating the need for subsequent time consuming anti-staining treatment at the time of laying. The innovative “VitrA protect” method seals the fine micro-pores of the polished tiles, making it impossible for dirt to penetrate. All without affecting the polished look of the tile.


“VitrA clean” is a modern surface finish with an extra glaze application that makes VitrA tiles easier to care for. The special glazing process increases surface tension which makes it easier for water to flow off the surface. It forms tiny droplets which simply roll off, and the tiles can easily be cleaned without using strong chemical agents. “VitrA clean” is hygienic, environmentally friendly and time-saving.