LM Fasteners provides industrial fasteners, equipment and components to the design and construction industries.

Our portfolio includes steel and stainless-steel fasteners, screws, plastic components, sealants and hardware.

Bolts, nuts and screw fasteners for the construction sector

LM Fasteners offers a wide range of fasteners that are designed to hold materials in place.

Our bolts and nuts are suitable for attaching both steel and stainless-steel materials, while our specialised selection of screws are designed for attaching components to metals, drywalls, wood and concrete.

LM Fasteners supplies components that securely fasten fixtures onto a range of materials such as metals, chipboard and concrete.
Self-Drilling Screws.
Metal Threads.
Masonry Anchors.
Type 17 Screws.

Our portfolio includes deterrent screws and bolts for high-strength fastening, rivets and nutserts for permanent applications, and nylon plugs to screw in wall fastenings.

For masonry and drywall/gyprock applications, we offer anchors for fastening heavier components.

High-performance sealants and adhesives

LM Fasteners has an array of specialised sealants and adhesives for bonding materials.

Depending on your application or project, we offer silicons, injection resin, glue and polymers.

Abrasive tools and hardware

LM Fasteners offers a wide range of hardware for industrial applications.

Our abrasive tools are designed to cut, grind, scour and polish materials such as metal, masonry and timber. Our general tools include blades and hammers.

We also supply drilling or threading tools and accessories for creating holes and threads, as well as plastic shims / packers for spacing or levelling applications.

LM Fasteners’ series of stainless-steel hardware comprise of crimps, turnbuckles and accessories for fencing and balustrading applications.