Hoover Treated Wood Products, in business since 1955, supplies a comprehensive portfolio of pressure-impregnated kiln-dried lumber and plywood products for fire retardant and preservative applications. Hoover has five company-owned treating facilities, conveniently located to service a 100-member stocking distributor network which thoroughly covers the US and Canada. The rigorous quality control procedures employed by Hoover are constantly reviewed and inspected by Underwriters Laboratories and Timber Products Inspection’s follow-up service.

Hoover Treated Wood Products leads in the preservative-treated wood market with fire-retardant, preservative, and noise barrier system products.

Fire-retardant lumber and plywood products

Hoover’s fire-retardant products are Pyro-Guard® and Exterior Fire-X®.

Preservative Treated Deck. Hoover pressure impregnates each piece of lumber and plywood with CCA waterborne preservative to protect it from insect attack and decay. CCA penetrates deep into lumber and plywood, where it reacts with wood cellulose providing permanent protection.
Exterior Load-Bearing Walls of a 56 unit multi-story construction in Lakewood, Colorado. The Type III construction having sprinklers, under both codes the exterior bearing walls are allowed to be constructed with fire retardant treated wood studs.
Roof Systems/Backing Materials for a Retirement Community in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Under the ICC International Building Code and the National Building Code the roof systems of Type II construction can be constructed of fire retardant treated wood.
The UL® mark for plywood. This is a facsimile of a treating stamp for the interior FRTW lumber. Certain elements of this stamp are required by the building code. The UL® mark shows how the wood is dried after treatment, flame spread, and the third party approved agency.

Pyro-Guard® is pressure-impregnated, interior fire-retardant treated lumber and plywood for enclosed structural applications. A few of Pyro-Guard® uses for interior structural applications are ceiling, roof trusses, rafters, shelving, steps, stairways platforms, wall sheathing, roof sheathing, plywood subfloors, and floor joists. Pyro-Guard® is the only major fire-retardant formulation produced by an American-owned company.

Exterior Fire-X® is pressure-impregnated fire-retardant lumber and plywood that provides tested fire protection for applications directly exposed to the weather or high humidity, outdoors as well as indoors. A few of Exterior Fire-X® uses for exterior structural applications are exterior decks, balconies, stairways, siding, scaffolding, moulding trim, open-air roof systems, and roof sheathing.

Pyro-Guard® and Exterior Fire-X® lumber and plywood have a flame-spread rating of 25 or less, even after 30 minutes of test time. Both products are clearly labeled and carry the UL® mark. Pyro-Guard®, and Exterior Fire-X® lumber and plywood are tested in accordance with procedures outlined in the International Building Code and NFPA 703. Pyro-Guard® is accepted under ESR as meeting the requirements of the International Building Code, National Building Code, Standard Building Code, and the Uniform Building Code.

Pyro-Guard® and Exterior Fire-X® are recognized for applications where noncombustible materials are required in buildings. Examples are nonbearing partitions, nonbearing exterior walls, roof assemblies, platforms, canopies, exterior architectural trim and veneers, exterior balconies, exterior-bearing walls in joisted-masonry and heavy timber construction, and increasingly for decks in wildfire prom areas.

Timber preservative products

Hoover’s timber preservative products are CCA, Cop-8, and Dura-Guard.

CCA preservative protects lumber and plywood from decay and termite attack. Hoover follows up the treating process with an optional kiln drying process to gently remove the moisture added during treatment.

Cop-8 is a proven fungicidal water repellent preservative for lumber and plywood used in above-ground applications. Its active ingredient is copper-8-quinolinolate, which is carried in a light petroleum solvent and applied to wood under pressure.

Dura-Guard® preserved wood is a new product being offered as an alternative to traditional CCA pressure treated wood. DURA-GUARD® preserved wood products provide retailers, consumers, builders, and architects an option in their selection of pressure treated wood products.

In addition to the time-tested durability of CCA and COP-8, Dura-Guard® can be used in all building construction applications, including above-ground, in-ground, and fresh water, and meets the EPA’s latest regulations.

Timber noise barrier systems

Hoover’s noise barrier system product is PLYWALL®. PLYWALL® is a pressure-impregnated preservative-treated ASTM E-90 rated noise barrier. PLYWALL® is the only preservative treated wood noise barrier system on the market. PLYWALL® is used for highways, commercial sites, residential areas, subdivisions, racetracks, and airports. PLYWALL® supports heights up to 30ft; and can supply noise barriers capable of withstanding wind loads up to 60 psf.  PLYWALL® is engineered and constructed to your specifications.