Alongside the traditional production of steel components, Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO has introduced ARCHI-NET®, a specific line of wire mesh for architecture and design. ARCHI-NET® wire cloths offer architects the possibility to add a brand new edge and dimension to projects. Each wire mesh presents different characteristics, appearances and patterns that can be transformed into light, reflection, shadow and transparency.

Wire meshes and wire cloths

ARCHI-NET® specialists work closely with architects and designers to help them implement their ideas and redesign the architecture of space. ARCHI-NET® has given birth to new materials for architecture and design. These wire meshes and wire cloths are used in both exterior and interior design. Sunscreens, façades, car parks, balustrades, gates, bridges, furniture, ceilings, partitions and curtaining are just some of the many possible applications.

New materials for architecture and design

The materials most frequently used to produce wire mesh and wire cloth are stainless steel, iron, bronze, brass and copper. These precious metals, which have to date been used in the fashion industry, have become an integral part of the architecture universe. Further treatments such as colouring, staining, glazing, polishing and tarnishing can be undertaken on the wires to fully reflect the effect required by the artist.

ARCHI-SCREEN® for solar irradiation and heat reduction

ARCHI-SCREEN® is a unique wire mesh, which exploits semi-round shapes to reduce solar irradiation and improve thermal comfort inside buildings. Tests carried out on the prototypes installed in the Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO headquarters demonstrate the effectiveness of this product. In addition to the excellent light reflection and filtering characteristics, architects can choose sliding solutions or automated openings. ARCHI-SCREEN® is regarded as an environmentally friendly solution of technological and innovative beauty.

ARCHI-SCREEN® - steerable panels - Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO headquarters, Milan – Italy - Architect Galantino – Installer SAVOgi. Product for sunscreens and gates: ARCHI-NET® A.401.
Kristiine shopping centre facade restyling 2011 - Tallin - Estonia - Msc Arch Associates - Installer BaltEng - Product for facades: ARCHI-NET® A.401.
Restyling Piranesi Car Park - Milan - Italy - Architects BMS - Installer Delta System S.r.l. - Product for façades: ARCHI-NET® A.303.
Church Hospital of Bergamo - Italy - Architect Pippo Traversi - Installer Üben Haus – Product for ceilings: ARCHI-NET® A.301.
Conference Hall Sultan, Istanbul - Turkey - Installer Tekno. Product for partitions and curtaining: ARCHI-NET® A.401.

Metal fabrics for exterior design

In façades, ARCHI-NET® enables contemporary architecture to blend with historical buildings. Old and modern coexist thanks to the conservation of original architectural styles enhanced by the lightness and elasticity of the new. In car parks, ARCHI-NET® combines appearance, light and flexibility. Simple buildings become prestigious, illuminated by natural light and freshly ventilated. A different choice of wire mesh or wire cloth can strongly twist the entire appearance of the artistic realisation.

Metal fabrics for interior design

In ceilings, ARCHI-NET® wire cloths provide a wide array of creative solutions. Panels can be plane or curved, as well as fixed, mobile and back-lit. This solution can mask unpleasant technical passages, but at the same time guarantees a correct level of aeration and does not reduce nominal heights of ceilings.

In partitions and curtaining, ARCHI-NET® can part off internal spaces whilst maintaining interaction and communication. The degree of transparency depends on the architect’s choice of materials, colours and openings. Each wire mesh can be uniquely tailored to reach the desired outcome.

About Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO

Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO has 92 years of experience in the manufacture of woven wire cloths and crimped wire meshes. Italian manufacture, design, precision, quality and reliability are all at the heart of ARCHI-NET®. Architects and designers can choose Costacurta S.p.A.-VICO as their partner to experiment and conceive new solutions. In this artistic journey they will be assisted by the best professionals.