Buzon Pedestal International is the world’s leading manufacturer of screwjack pedestals, which are made of polypropylene, and can be adjusted millimetre by millimetre from 35mm to 620mm. Our pedestals can bear loads of over 1,000kg/pedestal, and are specially designed for the construction of roof terraces, pedestrian areas, walkways, roof gardens, platforms, elevated technical platforms, etc. (inverted roof), and can be used with any type of decking material, such as natural stone, cement, wooden tiles or slates and industrial gratings.

‘PH5’ and ‘DPH5’ screwjack pedestals have been specially developed to automatically compensate the slope of a roof from 0 to 5% (or 0cm to 5cm) to ensure a level terrace. Buzon pedestals can resist temperatures from -50°C to 120°C.

Waterproof screwjack pedestals

Through his experience on construction sites, Companmy Manager Claude Buzon knows the user’s needs better than anyone. This way, he observed, among other things, that pieces of waterproofed membrane had to be placed under the base of a screwjack pedestal for the head to be level. Buzon’s answer to this problem was the development of a PH5 slope corrector: it is an accessory placed on the screwjack pedestal’s head that allows for the adjustment of the head’s slope between 0 and 5% (0 to 5cm per metre). In reality this accessory is made up of two cylinders placed on top of each other and cut in half at an angle. By pivoting the upper cylinder, the head slopes so as to be placed level, while the screwjack pedestal base follows the roof slant. No longer any need for wedges under the screwjack pedestal base.

Slope correctors for screwjack pedestals

In 1999 Buzon launches what it calls the second generation of screwjack pedestals, which is the result of long experience and numerous technical developments and improvements: the DPH system. In addition to the DPH5 (100 – 170mm), smaller versions have currently been introduced, among which the DPH4 (70 – 110mm), DPH3 (50 – 78mm), DPH2 (35-53mm), DPH1 (28mm) and DPH00 (17mm). Currently, slope correctors from 0 to 5% are integrated into the screwjack pedestal heads.
Furthermore DPH screwjack-pedestal heads and bases are interdependent thanks to special safety clips and thus prevent the various screwjack pedestal parts from unwinding during adjustment. The support is fitted with reinforcement bars and the necessary perforations for a possible securing onto a concrete or wooden base. Buzon products stand out by the large diameter of the coupler (diameter of 105mm), the thickness of the material (5mm), the head that has a bearing surface of 190cm² and the base of 320cm².

Can support many types of materials and shapes of pavers: such as granite, marble, concrete, square, triangular, round etc
Perfect system to create water features as all piping and drainage can be hidden under the deck
Can be used for any project: pedestrian areas. bridge supports, decking
Inspiring creativity. Unlimited solutions for your next paving project
With our batten holder you are free to use Buzon pedestals for any kind of wooden decking or platform

Iinterchangeable spacer tab plates

Previously the screwjack pedestal head was fitted with four fins that were used as slab separators. Currently, a new interchangeable system was developed. The heads of the new generation BC-series system are fitted with a recess in which the plate is fitted with the desired fins. When spacer tabs with a specific thickness or with a determined angle (e.g., for circular terraces with trapezoid, triangular, and round shape slabs) are wanted, it is enough to develop a new plate and so there is no need to produce an entirely new screwjack pedestal each time with an adapted mould. This affords new unprecedented options for architects and designers and allows them, among other things, to build creative and very special terraces in several shapes and with various types of slabs.

Unique screwjack pedestals

The company manager Claude Buzon is confronted on a regular basis with projects in which lesser quality damaged screwjack pedestals are wrongly confused with his products, as was the case recently in a technical school in Antwerp city in Belgium. Yet the affected screwjack pedestals showed some striking differences. The broken screwjack pedestals only had a bearing surface of 115cm² and a head thickness of 2mm, while Buzon products have a bearing surface of 190cm² and a double head thickness. In addition, the lighter head of the broken screwjack pedestals rests on a non-adjustable coupler of 61mm in diameter. On the other hand, Buzon products have a much stronger coupler of 105mm in diameter, 5mm thick, which thanks to an adjustable cylinder can be easily adjusted both ways. Mr Buzon is thus really sorry that those products have been sold as equivalent alternatives to his own products and he hopes to have put an end to any confusion with this example. This is why his company was asked to replace all previously installed screwjack pedestals with thier second generation DPH5 screwjack pedestals.