While most of the ancient architectural masterpieces are stone buildings that have withstood the test of time, modern architects and builders are increasingly embracing various types of architectural stone products, including marble, granite, limestone, and slate, to create natural-looking, environmentally friendly, and long-lasting building interiors and exteriors.

Several factors such as durability, colour, texture, appearance, workability, strength, and porosity are considered when choosing the type of stone product to be used for specific applications in a construction project.

Finding the best marble architecture solutions and other architectural stone products

World Construction Network has listed some of the leading natural stone and marble architecture solutions providers and some of the top-rated architectural cast stone manufacturers for the design and construction industry, based on its intel, insights, and decades-long experience in the sector.

The list includes architectural granite and marble manufacturers and producers of other specialised natural stone products, including alabaster, basalt, flint, gneiss, laterite, limestone, onyx, porphyry, quartzite, sandstone, shale, slate, and travertine for different architectural applications.

The list also includes stone construction consulting and design assistance specialists, as well as suppliers of high-quality architectural stone products with a range of smooth and textured finishes.

The information contained within the document is designed for architects, planners, builders, contractors, design-build consultants, interior designers, procurement executives, and any other individual involved in the design, procurement and use of stone-based construction elements and solutions.

The download contains detailed information on architectural stone suppliers and their product and service lines, alongside contact details to aid your purchasing or hiring decisions.

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Types of architectural stone products

Stone products are used in a variety of construction applications, such as facade cladding, flooring, roofing, landscaping, exterior paving, and outdoor furniture.

Architectural stone products and solutions for the building and construction industry include, but are not limited to:

  • Quartzite, limestone, travertine, marble, and granite floor tiles
  • Stone parquet for exterior paving
  • Cast stone slabs and blocks for interior and exterior design
  • Stone cladding tiles and decorative stone veneer
  • Stone plates for ventilated facade systems
  • Natural stone roofing slates
  • Quartz carpet systems and anti-slip surface products
  • Granite kitchen worktops
  • Marble bathroom fittings
  • Natural stone products for murals, pillars, staircases, bathtubs, mirror frames, dado rails, swimming pools and bar tops
  • Natural stone landscaping products
  • Stone-based outdoor and garden furniture
  • Composite stone for furniture surfaces, and
  • Silica dust for construction

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