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Design & Build Review: Issue 10

In this issue we take a look at the construction of One World Trade Center, the potential positive construction legacy the 2016 Olympic Games could give Rio de Janeiro, fire safety standards for residential buildings and more

Design & Build Review: Issue 9

In this issue: In the latest issue of Design & Build Review we explore how good design can emphasise authenticity and reflect local influences, boutique brand hotels, stunning leisure and cultural centres in cities around the world and much more

Design & Build Review: Issue 6

From ancient materials and steel architecture to cutting edge material science and 3D printing we take a look at the building blocks of tomorrow.

A whole new world: 4D immersive designs

Technological advancements have led to innovative designers incorporating immersive, interactive spaces into their designs. Stephanie Phillips takes a look at the world of immersive design, and asks will reality ever be the same again?

Weird and wonderful: world’s most unusual interior design concepts

For some, a demurely decorated room just isn’t enough. From hotels in space to 21st century beach huts and underwater hotels, Stephanie Phillips profiles some of the weirdest interior design concepts known to man.

Reclaiming rubbish design: eco friendly interiors with 2012Architecten

Netherlands-based 2012Architecten are redefining sustainable interior design, using inspiration from their own backyard. Stephanie Phillips talks to Jan Jongert, director of 2012Architecten, about recycled materials, “Superuse” and using “playful” designs to promote environmental awareness.

Design & Build Review: Issue 4

In this issue we zoom in on construction, looking at essential software for engineers as well as grand examples of tower construction, civil engineering and acoustic design.