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Designing for Dementia

London hotels achieved positive results for the first half of 2010, according to a quarterly report by business advisory firm Deloitte. The latest issue of Hotel Market Outlook reports that London hotels saw revenue per available room (revPAR) increase by 9.3% to £102 during the fi

Fighting crime with design – the psychology and practicalities

The cost of staying in an Australian hotel could double over the next four years as the number of new hotels being built dwindles, economic forecaster BIS Shrapnel says. BIS Shrapnel forecaster Frank Gelber says Australia is behind on its current hotel building rate, according to a repo

Micro housing: the answer to London’s housing crisis?

Alternative, small and semi-permanent – is micro housing just a fad or a viable solution to London’s escalating housing crisis? Housing experts in the capital discuss the possibilities and limitations of building small.

The Y:Cube – YMCA’s solution to London’s housing crisis

Akin to a Monopoly game hotel on the outside, youth charity YMCA’s new cutting-edge Y:Cube micro-flat is a fully-fitted, functioning housing option designed to ease London’s accommodation crisis

Innovative glass architecture from across the world

Glass is one of the most important building materials of the modern world, used in everything from social housing to city skyscrapers. As the importance of glass in building design continues to grow, we present the latest unique and innovative applications of glass in architecture, exploring projects that highlight its beauty and versatility.