Jefo breaks ground on new production plant in Canada


Jefo, a provider of alternatives to antibiotics to chickens, pigs, cows, cattle and aquaculture, has broken ground on its new production plant in Quebec, Canada.

It is investing $33.8m (C$42.5m) in this plant.

Following the construction of this facility, Jefo expects to boost its present production by up to 400% to meet the increasing demand of domestic and international markets.

Jefo Group president Jean Fontaine said: "More than ever, the world understands the importance of sanitary issues to improve animal health and, consequently, human health. Since our foundation, we have focused on solutions aimed at reducing antibiotic resistance by offering alternative nutritional options to livestock producers. We know that consumers pay more and more attention to what they up on their plates and we have ambitious goals for Jefo to meet this growing demand. We expect to double our sales of specialty products in the next three years.

"Our Precision Intestinal Nutrition concept is a revolutionary approach focused on microbiota and gut harmony and we are conducting many promising trials on this. We surround ourselves with world-class researchers to put our ideas to the test and design the next era of precision nutrition."

The new 180,000ft2 facility will feature two production lines in the first phase with a potential expansion to six lines later in the near future.

The present facility will remain operational, therefore bolstering production stability and security.

Jefo Group vice president Jean François Fontaine said: "Fighting antibiotic resistance is essential to meet our vision of having a healthier circle of life on a more sustainable planet. Regulations on the quality of animal protein are changing in our favour and this new plant will allow us to offer our solutions to a greater number of producers. We are present in more than 80 countries, but we continue to develop new markets and innovative solutions.

"Our international team continues to grow, for example in the Middle East where we have recently signed with new distributors, and we expect a significant increase in current markets."



Image: It is investing $33.8m (C$42.5m) in this plant. Credit: Rudy and Peter Skitterians from Pixabay 

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