Heijmans/Siemens Mobility selected to revamp Piet Hein Tunnel in Amsterdam


The Heijmans/Siemens Mobility combination has been selected by the Municipality of Amsterdam, the capital city of the Netherlands, to renovate the Piet Hein Tunnel in the city.

Worth nearly €70m, the renovation work will involve a major overhaul of the tunnel civil engineering and structural works. Furthermore, the technical installations and systems and their operations have also reached their service life and must be replaced.

Heijmans said that the renovation will also need to comply with new tunnel safety legislation of the Road Tunnel Safety (Additional Rules) Act (Tunnel Act). The renovation is scheduled for completion in the middle of 2022.

Commissioned in 1997, the Piet Hein Tunnel is one of the main routes in Amsterdam’s road network. It connects the centre of the city with the Zeeburger Island and the A10 motorway ring road.

After more than 20 years of intensive use, the tunnel is due for a thorough renovation. It is used by about 30,000 vehicles per day.

Heijmans and Siemens Mobility along with the Municipality of Amsterdam form an alliance to design and implement the renovation project in phases.

Heijmans and Siemens Mobility plan to use an interactive digital twin to support the renovation of the Piet Hein Tunnel. The digital twin is a 3D model of the tunnel, which includes all the new installations and the tunnel’s surroundings.

It will be linked to the new tunnel control software and the new tunnel operating and monitoring control room.

Earlier, Heijmans and Siemens Mobility have worked together to complete the renovation of the Koningstunnel in The Hague.

By using new digital techniques, renovation work at the Koningstunnel was completed six weeks earlier. At the tunnel, the two companies had also used the ‘digital twin’ to create scenarios which were simulated and tested.


The fully-renovated Koningstunnel in The Hague. (Credit: Heijmans N.V.)  

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