Ferrovial, HyperloopTT to explore opportunities for hyperloop projects in US


Spanish infrastructure operator Ferrovial and Hyperloop Transportation Technologies (HyperloopTT) have signed a framework agreement to explore hyperloop opportunities in the US.

As part of the agreement, both firms will work together on route development analysis, operation and maintenance for hyperloop technology.

They will also work on engineering and construction work along with operation and maintenance for both passenger and cargo solutions for specific projects in the country.

HyperloopTT CEO Andres De Leon said: “This collaboration brings together the cutting-edge technological expertise of HyperloopTT and Ferrovial’s 70-year track record as a global leader in infrastructure development and operation.”

Hyperloop, which is considered to be a new mode of transportation, includes a reduced-pressure tube pathway, a passive magnetic levitation system, and a linear electric motor used to propel self-contained capsules that carry passengers and/or cargo.

The lack of friction and low air resistance enable vehicles to reach very high speeds with minimal use of energy.

Ferrovial mobility director Andrés Camacho said: “New technologies from hyperloop to 5G communications require us to rethink our world.

“A client or a supplier who used to be hundreds of miles away will soon be within reach in a matter of minutes.

“Ferrovial’s successes bringing people together via roads, railways, and airplanes have established us as a dedicated, innovative leader delivering, operating, and managing world-class infrastructure assets.”

HyperloopTT’s system will be built on pylons, with some ground level and underground segments as required. It is designed to withstand seismic activity and thermal expansion.

HyperloopTT founder and chairman Dirk Ahlborn said: “Hyperloop is safe, proven, and cutting-edge technology that will require world-class construction know-how.

“This agreement will combine Ferrovial’s pedigree and commitment to innovation with HyperloopTT’s accomplishments as the first company founded to develop hyperloop and make it a reality.”


HyperloopTT's full-scale hyperloop prototype in Toulouse, France (Photo: Business Wire)

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