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COP27: Have we committed to our goals?

In general, the goal of COP27 centered around adaptive measures to save those that are in danger of the effects of climate change.

What in the world has happened since COP27?

Governments are being forced into action on ESG topics.

What does Biden’s executive order mean for worldwide AI regulation?

Regulators worldwide are designing and implementing AI legislation to keep up with technology’s pace of development.

M&A market performance suffered in Q3 2023

Deal activity was impacted by several factors including higher inflation and rising interest rates.

The construction industry and digital transformation: a match made in the clouds

According to GlobalData forecasts, the global cloud computing industry was worth $421.7bn in 2019.

Cloud computing: the essential tool for improving construction site safety

Cloud computing enables the storage and instant provision of access to safety policies and training materials in a centralised location.

Cloud computing is driving construction digitalisation

Cloud technology can coordinate multi-site construction, enabling individuals and organisations to work on multiple projects.

Robots will aid the next generation of construction workers

One possible way of attracting a younger workforce is by companies showing that they are using robotics and other advanced technologies.

The construction industry is ill-prepared for increasing cyberattacks

A key challenge facing the construction sector is the increasing complexity of projects.