Sweden-based Belatchew Arkitekter’s studio Belatchew Labs has developed InsectCity and the insect farm BuzzBuilding in Stockholm, Sweden, for an urban insect production.

Belatchew decided to produce these structures in an attempt to make Stockholm self-sufficient in protein, as the planet’s population is expected to reach nine billion by 2050, making it difficult to produce sustainable food without putting additional stress on the environment.

According to Belatchew, the best alternative for protein, which is currently being derived from meat, is insects.

Protein derived from insects is more feasible than meat production, and there are around 1,900 edible species of insects; two billion people across the world already consume insects, the architecture firm added.

"Protein derived from insects is more feasible than meat production, and there are around 1,900 edible species of insects."

The company also estimates that by 2018, Stockholm will have a population of 940,700 and producing protein from insects would require around 500,000m² of farmable space.

To meet these needs, Belatchew Labs has developed the insect farm BuzzBuilding, which has 10,350m² of farmable space for cultivation of crickets and endangered species of wild bees.

The building, whose main structure is a steel exoskeleton inspired by the structure of insects, contains whole insect production flow right from the egg to the ready-to-eat insect.

The BuzzBuilding also features a restaurant on the ground floor that prepares and sells insects.

Belatchew Arkitekter CEO and founder Rahel Belatchew Lerdell said last year that the company’s presentation of the urban power plant, Strawscraper, received great interest throughout the world.

"This year we are following-up with a proposal for ecosystem services in the form of InsectCity and BuzzBuilding, in order to show that cities can become self-sufficient, which is central not least to Stockholm and Sweden, with EU’s fastest urbanisation," Lerdell said.

Belatchew aims to place such insect farms in nine locations across Stockholm to achieve its goal of making the city self-sufficient in protein.

Image: Night view of the Belatchew Labs-developed BuzzBuilding at Stockholm, Sweden. Photo: courtesy of Belatchew Arkitekter AB.