Concept: London’s immersive training startup Virti has launched a virtual reality-driven mindfulness program ‘Well Be It’ to improve the mental health and emotional wellbeing of employees during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Nature of Disruption:  The Well Be It program involves courses lasting up to four weeks and requires only three to four minutes of practice that can be done in sequence or as an adhoc. The courses are filmed in a 360-degree VR environment to give the user an immersive experience. The courses can be accessed using a VR headset, laptop, or any mobile device. It helps users to manage heavy emotions like stress and maximize concentration and productivity with the help of mindfulness and meditation techniques. The startup claims that the users can improve their ability for creative thoughts, increase self-esteem, empathy, and ensure sound sleep. Users are required to book an initial coaching call with Well Be It and then can set their individual goals and needs with a specialist.

Outlook: With the COVID-19 pandemic-induced work from home culture, work-related stress levels have increased as compared to pre-pandemic times. To that end, individuals need to first learn how to understand and proactively train their own minds by being mentally adaptable. Well Be It program can help users to deal with their complex emotions and healthily cope with work-related stress. Virti claims that the program can easily fit into the busy schedules of professionals and improves their productivity with well-equipped coping mechanisms.


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