A total of 17,063 patents were granted across Construction industry between July 2021 and September 2021, marking a 3.08% drop over the previous quarter (April 2021-June 2021), according to GlobalData Patents Database.

Patenting activity by top assignee

Out of 1,494 active assignees during the review quarter, Caterpillar registered a growth change of 19% with 153 patent grants, followed by Komatsu with -8% (51), Otis Worldwide with -15% (64), Hitachi with -23% (53) and State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council with -60% (53).

Patenting activity by top assignee
Activity by Document type
Activity Trend
Otis Worldwide
State-owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council

Patenting activity across technology area by top assignee
Technology Applications

Earthmoving Equipment was the most active technology application with 124 patent grants, followed by TRANSPORT, Lifts & Escalators with 67 and Pavers with 19.

The least active IP protected technology applications include Air Conditioning and Access Platforms & Scaffolding with one patent grant each.

Assignee highest and lowest growth rate

Xi’an University of Architecture and Technology ; Zhejiang Yasha Decoration; and Umdasch Group saw the leading growth rates of 700%; 400%; and 300%, respectively in patent grants during Jul-Sep 2021 compared with the previous three-month period, while MCC5 Group Shanghai saw the lowest growth rate of -75%.

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Patenting activity: Leading themes in the Jul-Sep 2021 quarter

Climate Change led the construction sector with 636 patents during the review quarter, followed by 3D Printing and Modular Construction with 98 and 95 patents, respectively.

Patenting activity: Sub sector composition

In terms of sub-sector composition, Groundwork, Foundations, Piling led IP protection with 3,320 patent grants during the review quarter, followed by Formwork & Shuttering with 2,217, Grouts and Mortars with 828, Energy & Utilities with 713, and Earthmoving Equipment with 685.

IP protection activity by region

China led IP protection activity with 11,238 grants and 7,653 new filings during the Jul-Sep 2021 quarter, followed by the US with 1,276 grants and 1,685 new filings.

Japan came in next with 941 grants and 986 new filings. South Korea and Germany stood next with 872 grants and 702 new filings; 176 grants and 300 new filings, respectively.

New entrants in Jul-Sep 2021

ALPINE OVERHEAD DOORS, PLAYCORE WISCONSIN, W. MARKGRAF GMBHKG BAUUNTERNEHMUNG, Lehto Group and PRIEFERT MFG. are the five new entrants in the Construction industry with four, two, two, two and one patent filings, respectively during the Jul-Sep 2021 quarter.


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