danjiang bridge

In collaboration with Leonhardt, Andrä und Partner, Zaha Hadid Architects has won the Danjiang Bridge International Competition in Taiwan.

Designs were submitted by architecture firms from Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Germany, Denmark, and the US.

Located near the Tamsui River, the Danijang Bridge is expected to be the world’s longest single-tower, asymmetric, cable-stayed bridge.

The bridge is designed to support the 920m road, rail, and a pedestrian deck made from steel, using only one concrete structural mast.

The single-mast’s design and engineering is compatible with the increased protection programmes of the estuary’s ecosystems as it minimises structural elements in the riverbed.

"The bridge is designed to support the 920m road, rail, and a pedestrian deck made from steel."

It also avoids impeding the navigability of the river, and minimises any interference with the sunset views at popular points along the river, as the piers are located toward the east side.

The lighting on the bridge is designed to reduce its impact on the boats and fish, reported the Taipei Times.

In addition to facilitating increased connectivity between neighbourhoods and reducing traffic in local town centres, the new bridge will also improve overall northern coast traffic system and enhance accessibility throughout the region with Taipei Harbour.

Scheduled for completion by 2020, Danjiang Bridge will also allow for the extension of Danhai Light Rail Transportation (DHLRT) system over the Tamsui River, to connect the town of Bali and the port / harbour with Taipei’s public rail network.

Image: Rendering of Zaha Hadid-designed Danjiang Bridge in Taiwan. Photo: courtsey of Zaha Hadid.