NYR. Facade is expected to finalise the World Trade Center Marriott Project at 133 Greenwich Street in New York by September.

Designed by Danny Forster and Peter Poon Architects, the building will be located at the centre of the financial district facing the Freedom Tower.

Hotel guests and visitors of the rooftop lounge can view the 9/11 Memorial and areas beyond.

"Guests of the hotel and visitors of the rooftop lounge can view the 9/11 Memorial."

The 31-storey tower features aesthetical façade elements with a fully glazed window wall system, extruded integrated slab covers, aluminium punch windows, and glass railings with LED-lit caps at the rooftop bar.

NYR. Facade was selected due to the company’s experience of the latest façade technology and proven experience.

Its team has utilised the latest equipment, applying project management and industrial manufacturing methods to deliver the facade.

Image: View of the WTC Marriott tower. Photo: courtesy of NYR. Facade/ CSCP Consult LLC.