The Federation of Korean Industries (FKI) of South Korea has opened its new head office in Seoul designed by Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture (AS+GG).

The 50-storey, 240m tower features a unique exterior wall design, developed specifically for the project.

The skin of the building will help to reduce internal heating and cooling loads, as well as collect energy through photovoltaic panels integrated into the spandrel areas of the south-west and north-west facades.

When spandrel panels are angled 30 degrees upward toward the sun, the design can maximise the energy collection, generating enough energy to power the electrical systems throughout the tower core and the office spaces.

The vision panels, which minimise the amount of direct sun radiation and glare, are angled 15 degrees downward toward the ground, just below the spandrel panels.

AS+GG’s Adrian Smith said that the building’s photovoltaic panels and the ability to self-shade comprises a new typology in exterior walls.

"The result is a unique folded exterior texture that is both purposeful and distinctive," Smith said.

AS+GG’s Gordon Gill said the ideal angle of the PV panel placement on the roof was studied in detail, as the alternating panels create a rippled facade that is both attractive and environmentally progressive.

The interior of the building makes best use of the floor to ceiling windows of the exterior wall, to provide an abundance of natural light to office spaces and corridors.

The completed tower includes several indoor garden and atrium spaces that enhance the workplace environment with natural elements of wood, bamboo and other native plants, while the rooftop atrium features custom photovoltaic panels.

Image: AS+GG opens new building in Seoul, South Korea. Photo: courtesy of Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture.