Munters Oasis EIC

Data Logistics Center’s Data Inn in Vilnius, has installed Munters’ award winning Oasis Indirect Evaporative Coolers (IEC) to deliver a super energy efficient cooling with a PUE of 1.3, for its high quality, secure data services and transmission centre.

Munters’ state-of-the-art Oasis IEC, which won the 2012 EMEA Data Centre Dynamics Award for Innovation, rejects data centre heat with a very low power requirement compared to traditional free cooling systems. The Oasis system was proposed by Data Inn’s design company Satela, which recognised the significant reductions in energy and carbon emissions that the system provides.

The new Data Inn facility will generate and store large amounts of data for commercial banks, telecom operators and service companies from April 2014, and is on track to become one of the largest and most advanced Tier III data centres in the Baltic States certified by the Uptime Institute. The 3,200m² energy efficient Data Inn facility will at full load cool 2.5mW, with the capacity to operate more than 10,000 servers, all working within a 18-27°C climate, as recommended by ASHRAE.

The intelligent power optimisation and innovative Munters Oasis IEC 300’s installed in the first phase, cool 1mW of data centre reject heat. The modular design allows capital investment to be phased as data centre facilities grow, with the systems reducing not only energy running costs but also capital costs on mechanical refrigeration, switchgear and generator sets by 25%.

Data Inn product development manager Edvinas Bakanas said: "The Lithuanian electric energy sector, data communication operators and biggest Lithuanian banks, need their data to be safe and accessible without any interruptions, whilst employing cost-effective and eco-friendly solutions."

"The high efficiency and innovative design were the main reasons we chose the Munters’ Oasis units. The proven technology fits well with the climate conditions in Vilnius and offers a high degree of flexibility, with the possibility of operating the system in different cooling modes – depending on the weather conditions."

"It is always our aim to give the best quality colocation and connectivity services for our customers, so we are constantly looking for innovative and effective solutions. Munters cooling solutions enable us to achieve an annual PUE of 1.3 or less, which will make us very cost-effective and competitive in the market. Every 0.01 reduction in our PUE represents an energy saving of approximately 210,000kWh in our data center."

Compared to typical high-efficiency free cooling solutions, the Oasis IEC provides similar or equal capital investments costs, up to 80% savings in annual running costs and an 83% reduction in energy consumption.

Munters Oasis IEC uses the natural evaporation of water to achieve substantial energy saving without mechanical cooling. The system utilises two separate air streams, where one air stream draws outdoor fresh air into Munters Oasis IEC 300 and passes it over Munters’ patented indirect evaporative polymer tube heat exchanger. The exterior elliptical tube heat exchanger is wetted for heat rejection and provides effective indirect evaporative cooling. After passing over the wet exterior tube surfaces of the heat exchanger, the outdoor air is expelled back to atmosphere.

The second air stream draws air from the data centre hot aisles and passes it through the inside of the tubes of the heat exchanger. An evaporative heat transfer from the exterior wetted surface of the tubes cools the air and passes it back into the cool aisles of the data centre. The data hall air is thus re-circulated and cooled with indirect evaporative cooling. The two air streams never mix, eliminating the risk of data hall contamination or humidity issues which can cause server corrosion.

The indirect evaporative cooling process requires one-third of the water flow rate of conventional economisers and can use reclaimed grey water The performance and reliability of the Oasis IEC has been successfully applied to over 100mW of data centre cooling worldwide and will minimise the environmental impact of the Data Inn facility, whilst delivering advanced operational efficiency for customers in the Baltic region and across Europe.