The Klocke Group manufactures and packages pharmaceutical products, food supplements and cosmetic products. In Appenweier, Germany, fixed pharmaceutical forms are developed and manufactured. The product range consists of granules, tablets, film tablets, sugar-coated tablets and hard capsules.

Production processes are according to GMP standards and absolute reliability is the basis of the Klocke Group’s philosophy. To be able to deliver first-class pharmaceutical products to their customers, a strict control of the production climate is crucial. Hygroscopic materials used for medications are extremely sensitive to variations in the relative humidity and production processes are disturbed by an unstable production climate.

To secure the high quality of the raw materials, Klocke Pharma in Appenweier wanted to control the temperature and humidity in their storage facilities. As a leading supplier of dehumidification solutions for pharmaceutical companies over many centuries, Munters worked out a solution, combining the outstanding performance of a the ML desiccant dehumidifier and a Munters NA air conditioning unit.

The system supplies 19,000m³/h return air with 1,000m³/h fresh air and keeps a constant climate in the store at 20°C/50%RH. The raw materials are now kept dry and protected year-round, without any influence from outdoor humidity fluctuations, always dry and free flowing, ready for processing without clogging up transportation systems.

Munters dehumidifier type ML23, together with our NA2,003 AC unit is running 24 hours a day 365 days a year, and all controls of the system are connected to the company’s BMS system. Munters NA unit is perfectly designed for pharmaceutical applications, featuring double-skinned panels with mineral wool insulation (135kg/m²). The units performance is verified to EUROVENT EN 1886.

Mr Wolfgang Kistner, technical manager at Klocke Pharma, Appenweier, appreciates the benefits from the solution and insists on Munters equipment for future climate control investments.