Munters creates optimal storage climate for Turkey’s biggest manufacturer of fertiliser, Gemlik Gübre in Bursa. The company produces various types of fertilisers, whereof 65% is being exported. Gemlik Gübre has lately inaugurated their 400,000m³ fertiliser storage building.

The storage building (240m x 85m x 20m) contains up to 150,000t of nitrogen-based fertiliser calcium ammonium nitrate (CAN). The production of fertiliser takes place from September to April where the products are stored in the new facility. During May to July the products are distributed from the storage. The building is then closed down in August for thorough cleaning to take place.

The CAN fertiliser is a highly hygroscopic product that has to be stored at a low humidity below 30% RH and a temperature below 32°C. Beyond these conditions the product will start to crystallise, disturbing the high product quality and consequently creating expensive waste. The outdoor condition in Bursa is 37°C, 18g/kg (approx. 50% RH), meaning that dehumidifying the warehouse was inevitable.

For meeting these conditions the Munters MDU systems has been the right solution. Two MDU2500 systems totally treats 95,000m³/hr in an open system (100% fresh air) and the MDU system is equipped with both pre-cooling and post-cooling and is steam-reactivated for optimised energy economy.

Benefits of Munters’ dehumidification

  • Constant storage climate around the year
  • Maintaining high product quality
  • Reducing waste – saving money
  • Integrated pre-treatment and post-treatment