The KaControl automation system combines new benefits for end-users and operators, specialist trades and designers.

KaControl is unbelievably easy to operate as the end user simply
operates a modestly designed, flat control unit. It is only approximately 9 x 9cm in size with one-touch operation. There is also a version with two additional keys for ease of access on request.

The result is a low-energy operation as it is simple to operate but backed up by massive performance. The Kampmann applications can now guarantee optimum cooperation between units with interfaces to leading BMS standards, such as
BACnet, LON or ModBus. It also copes with recently introduced innovations in heating, cooling and ventilation with complete ease. It is totally irrelevant whether KaControl is integrated into a new or an existing building management strategy. On balance, all users will notice more economical operation and cost-savings in all cases.

A further benefit for project designers is that the KaControl can be used in the most diverse applications, including centralised and decentralised air conditioning in commercial, industrial and private buildings. Unit solutions for all tasks can be individually combined and incorporated into a single overall operating system with KaControl.