Lamps and lighting systems from RIBAG combine technology and design with great visual comfort. We apply our innovative commitment to develop and construct – to ecological criteria – functional lighting tools whose uniqueness proves its worth every time, not least from an aesthetic perspective.

The carefully selected materials and clear design of RIBAG products highlight any architecture and bring rooms to life. We design and plan strikingly impressive projects for lighting solutions, coordinated to suit individual needs.

RIBAG is committed to an intelligent approach to the environment implying the sustainable use of natural resources. Accordingly, we continuously optimize our products and services and set ecological standards in our procurement and production processes. Our offices and production workshops also meet the demanding Minergie eco-standard (Swiss label for low-energy house).

Energy-saving lamps and lighting systems considerably reduce CO2 emissions and contribute to the protection of natural habitats, soil, water and air. Over 80% of all RIBAG products already operate with light sources of energy efficiency class A and carry the ECOdura label, a mark of excellence in energy saving. ECOdura recognizes our commitment to act, every day and everywhere, in an ecological manner and with a sustainable long-term outlook.

In the interplay of bright and dark: RIBAG's head office in Safenwil, Switzerland
SPINAstrip offers a unique option of using the new Seamless light source to create continuous light lines of uniform brightness.
Thanks to its high protection level (IP54), the SQUARE LED flatlights can also be used in wellness zones or rain-protected outside areas.
The FLISC ultra-flat LED pendant lamp embodies a new generation of light and lamps, with its striking form, function, energy efficiency and comfort.
LECO's compact design and outstanding LED light technology, offers ideal conditions for contemporary lighting in representative architecture.

Compact light fittings

For more than a decade, the SPINA® brand has been synonymous with original and distinctive lights and lighting systems. But what makes SPINA® so attractive? Part of the answer lies in its shape and efficient, functional design. Other winning features are the modular construction and trim form of these compact light fittings.

RIBAG works constantly on further development of its tried and proven SPINA, SPINAclear and SPINAquick lighting families. This has led to its latest success, the SPINAstrip lighting system, which sets new standards in optimum lighting aesthetics. Connoisseurs now number the SPINA family of lights among the classics of contemporary design.

LED lighting systems

RIBAG’s integrated approach to product development has led to permanent LED light solutions that combine aesthetics, functionality and cost-effectiveness to create a sustained synthesis. The decisive combination of future oriented technology and optimal thermal management forms a solid basis for every RIBAG LED product.

Energy-saving LED flatlights

The SQUARE LED flatlights set new standards in using energy in a resource-saving way. SQUARE is suitable for many applications and ensures pleasant and bright general lighting in office and administrative buildings or modern living areas. Thanks to its high protection level (IP54), the lamp can also be used in wellness zones or rain protected outside areas. SQUARE is impressive due to its extremely long operating life, simple handling and rugged construction.

Pendant lamps

The LECO hybrid pendant lamp sets new standards of energy efficiency and light comfort. Thanks to Betalight technology, the overall efficiency of this lighting system can be significantly increased compared with conventional work lighting. Its compact, unfussy design and outstanding light technology offer ideal conditions for contemporary lighting in representative architecture. Anti-reflection LED optics ensure optimal light distribution – especially for demanding visual tasks and use at monitor workplaces.

The FLISC ultra-flat pendant lamp embodies a new generation of light and lamps, with its striking form, function, energy efficiency and light comfort. FLISC floats almost invisibly to create completely innovative spatial worlds. In mat anodised aluminium or high gloss chrome versions, the directly/indirectly radiating pendant lamp fits harmoniously into the most discreet surroundings.