When architecture needs light without boundaries, Channel is the solution: a light profile in harmony with every kind of design. This light aluminium profile, with integrated electrical and mechanical connectors, contains the batten and can be closed with an opal or glare-free reflector, ideal for work places equipped with monitors.

All lighting techniques, such as the distance between light source and louvre or the overlap of singular fluorescent tubes, should help the architect/planner to trace (draw) a line of light, to illuminate uniformly cove lighting or to create a wall washing effect.

Channel is never boring. It can also be used – in addition to the simple, standard applications described above – to realise playful installations or for accent lighting using a spot element.

When a small fixed light point is enough, you have at your disposal a dichroic lamp, with transformer included. If you need more light, use the metal halide lamp, which, thanks to its excellent reflector and flexibility, guides the light towards the desired direction, with the chosen focus.

Little details, such as the X, T, and L connectors in horizontal and vertical positions, and the combination of the ICT-through wiring set, lighten the job of the planner considerably.

The three special shaped lateral connection profiles also make the installation easier:

  • an L-profile
  • a shadow gap, variable in height
  • an L-profile

Channel. The new line of the light.