Brintons, a world leader in the design and manufacture of woven Axminster carpet for more than two centuries, has been awarded the contract to supply all of the carpet (totalling the area of 24 football pitches) to the brand-new Terminal 3 building that is being constructed at Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi, India.

Brintons has a long and distinguished history as a trusted supplier of quality Axminster carpet to lots of airports around the world and it’s most recent work has been at Singapore’s spectacular Changi Airport.

The company’s proven reputation for developing stunning original designs, manufacturing carpet of unrivalled quality and its exemplary project management skills were central to Brintons being awarded the Delhi contract.

The Terminal 3 structure will be completed in time for the 2010 Commonwealth Games and will be the third biggest airport terminal building in the world. Brintons will be required to manufacture and supply 175,000m² of woven Axminster – the area of 24 football
pitches – for different floor spaces within the state-of-the-art terminal.

To meet the interior design brief, Brintons’ design teams in Singapore and India have carefully developed carpet designs that illustrate Delhi’s rich historical past and its vibrant and modern present.

In order to capture the mood and spirit of the theme, Brintons has fused the design elements from Delhi’s magnificent historical monuments with the modern and sophisticated skyline of the city to create a contrasting, yet harmonious image of the old and the New Delhi. And with patterns being an essential part of Indian design, Brintons has incorporated geometrics, swirls, floral and foliage, as well as the most famous Indian shape, the Paisley, into its carpet designs for Terminal 3.

And as you would expect from a carpet that illustrates Indian culture and history, Brintons has used a plethora of rich colours in its designs. These have been picked from typical street scenes, monuments, foods, spices and festivals in all four regions of India.

Brintons’ global sales and marketing director, Jon Stone, said: “We’re thrilled that we have been chosen as the exclusive supplier to Delhi Terminal 3 and we’re very excited about getting down to work and delivering what I think will be one of the most visually stunning carpets that has ever been installed in an airport.

“The designs and colours are really vibrant and invigorating and I think Delhi will set a new benchmark for having a carpet that is both businesslike – something you expect to see in an airport – but also very culturally stimulating and energetic.”