International forest products company, Weyerhaeuser, has launched a dedicated website for its sustainable eucalyptus hardwood, Lyptus. Designed for specifiers, manufacturers and end users, the online resource provides detailed guidance on the aesthetic, practical and environmental benefits of Lyptus hardwood products.

To facilitate ease of specification, a comprehensive ‘Environmental Information’ area is provided on the site, clearly referencing the sustainable credentials of Lyptus. This section makes it quick and easy to identify the sustainable criteria that Lyptus satisfies, including PEFC Chain of Custody certification for the lumber mill and Cerflor certification for the plantations, both in Brazil.

From the manufacturer perspective, the website offers essential information on working with Lyptus and the advantages of using it compared to traditional hardwoods such as mahogany. For example, Lyptus is exceptionally straight and dimensionally stable, machines well and can accept a variety of finishes.

The aesthetic properties of Lyptus are well documented throughout the site, across the full breadth of applications. Whether a specifier, manufacturer or end user, the site helps the visitor to visualise how Lyptus can be used to achieve a high quality finish for cabinetry, flooring, furniture and millwork.

John Guerin, European commercial director, Weyerhaeuser, said: “Lyptus is unique in the marketplace, so it is important to provide resources that effectively support customers in the selection of Lyptus products. The new website represents the first phase of this support strategy, offering a reference point full of advice and guidance on using Lyptus for a wide range of applications. Especially important for specifiers is the wealth of information available on the environmental credentials of Lyptus.”

For further information on Lyptus products and the benefits of using this sustainable eucalyptus hardwoord, visit or call Weyerhaeuser on 0800 032 9005.