AnoMax is a new range of anodised standard colours in pre-coated aluminium. The range consists of several colours in PVDF, varying from silver to black.

There are several benefits of using pre-coated products over the original anodising standards. Pre-coated aluminium is price attractive and the batch to batch colour equality is excellent. Furthermore the bendability, colour stability, reparability, reproducibility and dirt retention of pre-coated are better.

For project ‘De Kameleon,’ a supersized housing block, including a new shopping centre in Amsterdam, NL Architects selected AnoMax. A typical example where the advantages of pre-coated aluminium exceed the use of anodised material.

Benefits over using real anodised:

  • Price attractive
  • Batch to batch colour equality
  • Colour stability
  • Bendability
  • Reparability
  • Reproducibility
  • Dirt retention