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The construction industry and digital transformation: a match made in the clouds

According to GlobalData forecasts, the global cloud computing industry was worth $421.7bn in 2019.

Cloud computing: the essential tool for improving construction site safety

Cloud computing enables the storage and instant provision of access to safety policies and training materials in a centralised location.

Cloud computing is driving construction digitalisation

Cloud technology can coordinate multi-site construction, enabling individuals and organisations to work on multiple projects.

Robots will aid the next generation of construction workers

One possible way of attracting a younger workforce is by companies showing that they are using robotics and other advanced technologies.

The construction industry is ill-prepared for increasing cyberattacks

A key challenge facing the construction sector is the increasing complexity of projects.

Smart Clothing: Timeline

Progress on the development of smart clothing has been erratic.

Smart Clothing: Regulatory Trends

Despite investment from major brands like Google, Levi’s, and Under Armour, smart clothing has grown relatively slowly in recent years.