Restorative work on Tower 270’s exterior and façade has neared completion in City Hall Park, New York, US.

The Tower 270 project is being delivered by Basonas Construction Corporation, who has been working on the scheme for a year, according to the company.

Work has involved replacing roof and terrace parapet walls following water infiltration, which caused cracked brick formation in the interior face of the walls.

New walls were built with copper flashing. The existing hand railing at the parapet walls also needed to be temporarily removed, refurbished and reinstalled.

In addition, the lintels on the door and window to the roof bulkhead were refurbished and flashed.

The 28-storey tower was previously known as the Arthur Levitt State Office Building, which served as office space for various New York State departments.

The building, which was sold for $33.6m in 2000, offers views of the Tweed courthouse building, City Hall, the Brooklyn Bridge and the great skylines of Park Row.

The top thirteen floors of the building were converted into condos, offering good views of lower New York City.