The sustainable Olympic Village in Vancouver, Canada, is expected to be transformed into a residential community after the Vancouver Winter Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The 2010 Vancouver Games Olympic Village’s design manager Roger Bayley said the project is not really developed for the Olympics but long-term residence, according to Xinhua.

The project is a culmination of Vancouver’s policy to relocate people to the interior part of the city to reduce transportation and to save energy.

The Olympic Village will house more than 3,000 athletes and team officials during the Games.

The 150,000m² scheme will become a sustainable residential community for 16,000 people with diversified neighbourhoods.

Ten buildings in the village will provide 1,100 residential units; 250 units will be for low-income residents and 120 units will serve as rental housing. The rest will be sold.

The buildings receive 65% heat energy from sewage water, and they save 50% energy by using radiant ceilings for the cooling and heating systems.