A new 12,000ft² city hall has been planned on the same site which houses the existing building located on Hobbs Street in Athens, Tennessee, US.

The City Council will vote to decide the architect for the project, while a contractor is also expected to be hired.

Four architectural firms including KREBS and CMH of Birmingham, Goodwyn Mills of Cawood and Godwin Barnett of Decatur submitted presentations to the local council in August 2009.

Work involves demolition of the existing 1950s building, which will cost $100,000.

The $2m facility is expected to blend in with historic downtown, as the present building does not match the local architecture.

The project is expected to be complete in 18 months, during which time employees will be relocated to other buildings.

An architect will also be hired for Fire Station No.1, which is attached to City Hall.

The fire station is expected to be either renovated or moved to the fitness park area, west of downtown Athens.