Frasers Property Australia has received the go-ahead from the Planning Assessment Commission for building the proposed 6,500m² public central park in Sydney, Australia.

The $4m park will be located within the $2bn re-development of the Carlton and United Brewery site in Chippendale.

The public park will include extensive lawn areas, footpaths and seating, in addition to related infrastructure including new public roads and traffic signals.

The central park will also include a prominent water feature in its centre, a generous pedestrian boulevard, extensive seating and a cycle route, which will stretch from Balfour Street to Broadway and to Jones Street.

Frasers has appointed Turf Design and Jeppe Aargaard Anderson Landscape Architects to design the park and public spaces, while artist Jennifer Turpin will create public artwork for the new park.

The New South Wales Government approved the modified concept plan in February 2009 for the 5.8ha site, which will feature 1,550 residential blocks.

Project applications are due to be lodged for each building or stage of works before construction can begin.