Visiondivision has designed three shoe stores for Mangrolia Chausseures on Reunion, the French island in the Indian Ocean, based on a plexiglass “shoe box” concept.

This “shoe box” can be multiplied and arranged in any form providing different store layouts. Each box is mass manufactured and features a lid and a light.

The first store is The Ocean which is the biggest one located in Saint-Denis and is also the flagship store.

The upper floor of the store has boxes in the floor similar to a river, flowing from both the entrances to the stairs and leading to the ground level, which is filled with boxes, becoming almost like an ocean.

Legendary shoes are kept in certain boxes, making it a small museum. There is also a Réunion-shaped sofa positioned in the middle of the shoe-store ocean.

The second store – The Library – is located in Saint-Andre and features themed display rooms.

The transparency of the plexi-boxes makes the shoes appear frozen in ice blocks.

The third store – Le Port – is designed to integrate all functions into a loop including the showcase for the shoes, cashier and seating area.