The Office of Metropolitan Architecture, in collaboration with Leigh & Orange Architects, is to design the new campus for ChuHaiCollege of Higher Education in Hong Kong.

The 28,000m² new campus will include education facilities for three faculties, and contain ten departments and two research centres.

The building consists of two parallel horizontal eight-storey slabs connected by facilities such as a library, cafeteria, gym and lecture theatres.

Each slab offers space for classrooms, studios, and offices, the slab also provides natural ventilation thereby reducing air conditioning costs by 15%-30%.

The area above features a shaded area of steps, platforms and ramps that serve as communal spaces to facilitate interaction between students from different departments.

The ramp replicates the landscape around the site.

The building features an aerated structural façade, which gives it a transparent appearance, offering views inside the building.

The new campus retains several of The British Army buildings on the site, which will be used for accommodation, student union and canteen facilities.

The ChuHaiCollege selection committee called the design ‘the bookstand’.

The project will be delivered by OMA Asia (Hong Kong).