The 610m Guangzhou TV and Sightseeing tower, currently under construction in China, is expected to be unveiled in time for the October 2010 Asian Games.

The $322.8m (€220m) tower is touted as the world’s tallest television tower and is designed by Dutch-based Information Based Architecture in 2004.

The practice also designed the 17.9ha park and master planned the surrounding 56.6ha area, which includes an elevated plaza, pagoda-park, retail spaces, offices, television centre and a hotel.

The structure comprises of five small buildings with gardens and a skywalk.

The tower has been tested by Professor Zhu Ledong of Tongji University to ensure that it can withstand expected winds.

Zhou Fulin of Guangzhou University also conducted tests to check the tower’s earthquake stability, and found the antenna and the waist of the building were weak, but the whole structure was strong enough.