The organisers of the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games have said that carbon emissions of venues being built at various sites are expected to be 40% less than those without a sustainability plan.

In line with sustainability goals of the green build programme, organisers have already delivered a 15% reduction of emissions across the site – 50% on the Olympic Stadium, and are working towards a target of zero landfill waste.

The London 2012 sustainability plan – Towards a One Planet 2012 – which provides a detailed study of the carbon footprint of the venues.

The venues will produce 1.9 million tons of greenhouse gases instead of an estimated 3.4 million tons of CO2.

Other sustainable achievements include diversion of 90% of construction waste from landfill and delivering 60% of materials using rail or water transport.

Changes to the main stadium amount to 15% reduction, while installation of an onsite wind turbine and a low-carbon Olympic flame are being developed with EDF are the other green measures.