French practice Dietmar Feichtinger Architectes has completed the sales and financial office block Voestalpine in Linz, Austria. The new building, along with the existing Blue Tower, forms the entry to the Voestalpine plant.

The curved cantilevered building is made up of several storeys and features an open access area. The lobby is located under the slope while the ground level features public spaces and shops.

The building is divided into three zones. Individual office spaces are near the facade while the inner atriums enclosed by glass roofs are provided on all levels, offering natural lighting and ventilation. The conference area on the roof features a large terrace and a wooden deck.

The structure is made up of steel and concrete, with the steel frames carrying a concrete slab while interspersed columns carry cantilever beams.

The building’s transparent façade provides natural light and offers shades through motorised steel elements.