Rafael Viñoly Architects has completed its design for Carrasco International Airport’s terminal in Uruguay.

The terminal is expected to open in December.

The monolithic structure is covered by a 1,200ft roof and houses public zones and other airport facilities interspersed with natural light.

It has a visor-like glazed airside facade with undulating lines while the interior has glazed mezzanine levels, a public landscaped terrace and a restaurant occupying the second floor.

The building has arrivals on the ground floor and departures on the first, with a vehicular link at each level.

An open atrium is included on the ground floor, which houses the main hall.

The departures level has glazed walls and thin structural supports and features a public concourse and the secure passenger concourse, separated by the security checkpoint and immigration control.

Shopping and restaurant spaces are in the waiting area.

Four elevated pedestrian bridges are outfitted with eight passenger gates leading to the passenger concourse and providing access to the apron for smaller planes.