The construction of two railroad bridges built with 100% recycled plastic has been completed at the US Army Transportation Corps home in Virginia, US.

Axion International Holdings was awarded the $957,000 contract for building the railroad bridges using entirely recycled consumer and industrial plastics with the company’s proprietary immiscible blending to create recycled structural composites (RSC).

The project also includes construction of railroad cross-ties made with Axion’s 100% recycled consumer and industrial plastics.

The new short-span RSC bridges will replace two wooden bridges, and extend approximately 40ft and 80ft with each of them able to achieve a high-load rating of 130t (260,000lb).

The railroad’s design and engineering work was undertaken by Virginia-based Centennial Contractors Enterprises and Parsons Brinckerhoff was appointed as the general contractor.

Axion, in association with Rutgers University, has developed the 100% recycled plastic materials, RSCs, an eco-industrial material that is non-toxic, inert, low maintenance and longer lasting.

Axion International Holdings is a next-generation technology innovator utilising recycled plastic for high-load industrial products.