Design competitions to award key projects within the UK’s Chesterfield Waterside scheme are being launched by developer Urbo.

Chesterfield Waterside Partnership is a joint venture between Urbo and the local council. It has submitted a planning application for the £300m urban village scheme.

US-based Edaw/Aecom has drawn the outline master plan for the riverside plot near Chesterfield town centre.

Manchester-based OMI Architects has been appointed by Urbo to oversee housing projects in the Riverside’s east section.

Design competitions for pavilion buildings in the square and other areas will be held soon.

Chesterfield Waterside will feature a new public square and existing waterways will be restored. Open public spaces and an eco park will be built on one third of the site.

A new master plan for the town centre, designed by UK-based URBED, has been approved by Chesterfield Borough Council.

The master plan incorporates retail, commercial and residential aspects into the design and features a pedestrian bridge which links the existing centre with the Waterside Project.